Science Week in Year 5


We looked at images from the Mars Rover and then created our own parachutes we hoped would safely land a rover on Mars (or an egg on the school field)


We made carbon dioxide from orange segments and bicarbonate of soda.

We tried to identify if custard is solid or liquid.

We experimented with food. We saw how the carbon dioxide in fizzy drinks could make raisins, grapes and pasta dance.


The experiments with food and drink continued. We saw how cola and vinegar removed the oxidised layer from a coin and how the browning of apples was caused by the apple’s reaction with oxygen.


Experiments began with making a model of how a cloud works and then we investigated the different rates at which ice cubes would melt when they were different colours.


The children have been trying to create the most effective paper aeroplane for travelling the furthest distance. All whilst wearing their crazy scientist hair.

Some of Class 11 have experimented throughout the week with creating their own Science blog posts for the first time.

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