homework expectations, this year.

We recently sent home a letter, to ensure all parents are clear on the homework expectations in Year 5. Please read a copy here. If you wish to discuss homework further, contact us via our Year group email address, which is meadows.yearfive@taw.org.uk

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Learning about peter max

Year 5 are learning about the art work of Peter Max, this week. One of his iconic artworks, featured the Statue of Liberty. As a nice link to our Geography topic on North America, the class will work together to recreate sections of the image. We will combine these, to create our finished piece, our […]

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Year 5 Sports Day

Children from classes 11 and 12 worked very hard and competed well in 15 track and field events. Thank you to those who were able to attend given current restrictions. Please see photos in the slideshow below.

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School Closure April 28th

Unfortunately, school remains closed tomorrow (Weds 28th April) due to the fire at the recycling factory and the amount of ash in the atmosphere near the school. As during the last lockdown, we will send the children an email with their work in the morning (a copy is inserted below) and it will be published […]

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Anglo Saxon Wattle and Daub

This week children in Year 5 have been learning about how the Anglo Saxons came to settle and what their settlements were like. On Friday the children tried to create their own small sections of a wattle and daub wall and despite the very dry ground, had a lot of success.

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Time Capsule

As part of their Census week project, children in Year 5 planned objects to include in a 2021 time capsule to bury at the school to be opened in 20 years time. Examples of objects from the pandemic such as masks and hand gel were included as were letters children wrote to the future to […]

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Census Week in Year 5

This week in Year 5 the children learned about why the census has been taking place for over 200 years and how this helps plan facilities and services in the local area. They have created their own surveys and used these to create persuasive letters about the facilities they would like to see created for […]

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Science Week in Year 5

Monday We looked at images from the Mars Rover and then created our own parachutes we hoped would safely land a rover on Mars (or an egg on the school field) Tuesday We made carbon dioxide from orange segments and bicarbonate of soda. We tried to identify if custard is solid or liquid. We experimented […]

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